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White Diamonds: A Complete Explanation Of How To Pick The Best One

 09 May 2022  589
White Diamonds: A Complete Explanation Of How To Pick The Best One

Diamonds, a timeless beauty adorned and loved by many around the globe, are considered to be the most desired possession to date. Hence, without a shadow of a doubt, to possess this marvellous beauty is a wish of many people. But, there exists a different type of craze to possess the natural white diamonds also known as opalescent diamonds.

What makes them so special?

Diamonds are special because of their rich sentimental values. Over time diamonds have become a synonym for the expression of love. Diamonds have made their way to every proposal, every engagement and every wedding with their unmatched brilliance. The natural white diamonds and various tinted colours like pink, and yellow and rare colours like blue and red add to the mysterious opulence of the diamonds.

Diamonds are extremely popular among couples as it is believed to resonate with the true feelings of the lover. The hype behind its popularity is due to the Hollywood couples and Royalty having diamond engagement rings for their lady love. However, diamonds are the true beauty of nature that is made with utmost elegance. The remarkable sparkle of the diamonds defines finesse in the best form.     

Hence, before owning this scintillating loved mineral, one should first be aware of the parameters that are taken into consideration to determine the price.


It refers to the various proportions, finest symmetries, great polishes and finishes associated with the diamonds. Well-cut diamonds generally come in the best symmetries, polishes and finishes Hence, one should carefully examine the white diamonds, as the cut is known to directly impact the beauty and brilliant sparkles. 


The clarity grade of the diamond is very much instrumental in deciding its worth and value, thus meaning the lesser the blemishes and flaws the higher the clarity grade it gets. Thus, the exact price and worth of white diamonds for sale are determined with the help of the clarity scale ranging from FL (Flawless) to I1 - I3  (Lower Clarity Diamonds) 


The highest quality diamond is colourless similarly the one with a hint of yellow tint is believed of lower quality. Hence as per experts, choose to buy the natural or loose white diamonds between the G & I colour range scale, because they cost way less and promise almost the same grandeur and glow compared to the higher grades like D, F, and E.  


The size of a diamond directly affects the price of a diamond, because the bigger the size of the diamonds the higher is their price valuations. Also, most of the diamonds found in the mines today are of small sizes, seldomly large-sized diamonds are mined, hence the rarity of the large-sized diamonds also proves to be another top reason for escalating the prices of the white diamonds for sale.


As per the expert’s suggestions, always buy diamonds with a diamond certificate. This not only guarantees you its authenticity but also helps you to gauge the four important C’s viz Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat mentioned above in detail.