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7 Amazing Facts About Pink Diamond That You Should Know

 06 Jun 2022  667
Natural pink diamonds

The natural pink diamond is one of the most scarce and loved minerals of mother earth that continues to steal our hearts through its majestic scintillating grandeur.

But besides its breathtaking, dazzling beauty, the natural pink diamond also proves to be a great potential investment option and tool for many.

For a fact, If the diamond comes embedded with a slight purplish-pink hue, then the cost rises exponentially.

Interestingly, there are many more amazing facts related to these diamonds that one should know besides adorning their sheer beauty!

1. Natural pink diamonds mostly originate from Australia -

Historically, they were found in India, South Africa, Canada, Russia and Brazil. But today almost, 90% of the diamond production is carried out and done at the world-famous Argyle Mine located in Australia.

2. They are very rare -

They occupy a small fraction of the 0.001 per cent of diamonds mined each year. Also as per top experts from the diamond industry, there exist to be only 500 undiscovered pink diamonds in the world today! Hence, one can understand why the pink diamonds cost is high.

3. Fancy cuts work wonders for pink diamonds -

The majority of the diamond cuts are round to bring the best of their dazzling beauty but in the case of the pink diamonds, fancy cuts work does wonder by making them appear sharper and crisp. Triangle & heart, cushion and radiant have the reputation of being the most popular fancy pink diamonds.

4. More difficult to polish -

These exceedingly rare diamonds obtained from the world-famous Argyle Mine located in Australia are known to have a very complex structure when compared with other diamonds. Hence, it takes more than 3 to 4 arduous hours to polish them.

5. All are not the same -

Just like many other coloured diamonds, they also come in different shades and colours. For example, when one opts to buy a pink diamond galore of grades like faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy intense, fancy deep and fancy vivid are available to choose from. Also, the cost is closely associated with the type of grade it comes in. The more intense and vivid the colour higher the cost becomes.

6. Clarity is also important -

The clarity of a diamond plays a vital role, hence it is also included in the vital 4c’s that the Gemological Institute of America and International Gemological Institute take into consideration while pricing and determining the value of the diamond. But when one wishes to buy pink diamonds, the importance of clarity diminishes, as it is known to hide the flaws without hurting their price tags.

7. They have different colour combinations -

The diamonds are world-famous and dearly loved for their diverse colour combinations hues like brown, purple, orange and brownish-purple. But the ones that are embedded with the most intense and sharp pink hues are considered to be the most expensive viz the brownish-purple ones!