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Buying Yellow Diamonds: Here's All You Need To Know Before Making the Decision

 20 Jun 2022  661
Why Buying Yellow Diamonds

Natural coloured diamonds aren’t just a piece of ordinary jewellery, they are a piece of treasure that holds enormous value, love, and memories. With time, they become a family heirloom, passed from one generation to the next.

Fancy yellow diamonds are precious stones - that take more than a millennium to form in the earth’s crust. They are very rare, which can make them even more expensive than white diamonds. Generally, a diamond’s price tends to depend on the (weight) carat, clarity, colour, and cut.  

In the case of white diamonds, the diamond colour scale tends to vary from D to Z. As the letter is close to Z, it means that the respective diamond is less colourless and starts to be a bit yellowish in contrast, generally, a pale yellow shade. 

Be it rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings - when combined with gorgeous, fancy yellow diamond - the jewellery attains a cheerful & classy look. 

Types and Specifications

Fancy Yellow Diamond

Fancy yellow diamonds are a rare subset of the most common type of diamonds which are known as the Cape series. Such kinds of diamonds tend to have apparent traces of nitrogen in their fundamental composition in comparison with colourless diamonds. These diamonds are generally valued higher per carat when compared to other fancy diamonds which is due to the strength of the shade. 

Elegant, Fancy Light Yellow Diamond

Elegant light fancy yellow diamond doesn’t resemble tinted colourless diamonds and very much appears purposefully yellow. Fancy light yellow diamonds are relatively rare but also less expensive and a great option for an engagement ring. 

Exquisite, Fancy Dark Yellow Diamond

A mined piece of exquisite dark yellow diamond is harder to find and is extremely rare.

Gorgeous, Fancy Deep Yellow Diamond

Most fancy yellow diamonds consist of diverse tones but the deep yellow diamond holds a prominent tone. The intensity of tone and hues of the diamond both play an important role in the GIA’s colour scale grading system as well as impact its value in terms of cost. 

Stunning, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond

The cost of the diamond tends to vary with the weight. Generally, a fancy intense yellow diamond with the second deepest colour rating among the natural colored diamonds and weight can make it one of the costliest diamonds. Additionally, most intense yellow diamonds are mined rather than being grown in the laboratory.

Charming, Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

It is also known as canary diamonds, they are among the rarest gems that feature unique colourings. It is available in a diverse range of tints viz greenish, brownish yellow, including orange which impacts the final price of the fancy vivid yellow diamond. 


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