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Cushion Cut Diamonds - All You Need To Know To Pick The Perfect Gem

 13 Jun 2022  610
antique cushion diamond

Topics that revolve around diamonds & jewellery drive interest among men & women both. Especially when it comes to picking up the right diamond. Among all the types of diamonds, the antique cut diamonds hold a special place in the heart, beautifully for their grace & elegance. These cushion-cut diamonds have gained popularity in the last decade & have now become the ultimate showstoppers among other jewellery. This antique cushion diamond adds gorgeous beauty regardless of the type of jewellery it is styled with. Hence, to pick the right cushion-cut diamond, it is significant to learn in-depth about precious gemstones and their alluring beauty. 


Types of cushion cut diamonds

  • Cushion brilliant cut 

Also known as antique or chunky or old mine cut, this type of cushion cut diamond is closest to a round diamond with a squared-off edge. It boasts an elegant antique look with many facets reflecting plenty of sparkles. 

  • Cushion modified-brilliant cut 

Also known as crushed ice cushion, this type of cushion cut diamond looks more radiant & sparkly than the other one. Designed with more complex & intricate faceting patterns, the type of antique cut diamonds grabs attention & looks absolutely glamorous when styled with jewellery. 


Benefits of buying a cushion cut diamonds

  • Affordable 

Cushion cut diamonds are like any precious gemstone, priced often on a broader scale, calculating the number of parameters like size, colour, shape & clarity. However, despite the calculations, they are more affordable than other diamonds. 

  • Trendy

Popular, trendy, smart & elegant - a cushion-cut diamond is everything you need to keep up with the fashion & styling updates.

  • Rick-looking

Antique cushion cut diamonds reflect a rich & stunning look nonetheless donned with whatever attire. The exceptional shine & sparkle these antique diamonds possess always make the wearer stand out from the crowd. 

  • Perfect for all occasions 

This antique cushion cut diamond is perfect for every occasion and can be worn with any attire, anytime, anywhere. Its convenient design without sharp edges offers a comforting experience & keeps it up with an active lifestyle with utmost ease. 


Parameters to pick the perfect antique cushion cut diamonds

  • Clarity 

The clarity in cushion cut diamonds plays an integral role especially when it is an eye-visible flaw. These imperfections can ruin the appearance of the antique beauty hence, it is important to pick a diamond that looks stunning with every glance and keeps shining bright regardless of the clarity grade, imperfections & flaws. 

  • Colour 

Cut quality determines the ultimate beauty of a diamond regardless of the grade. But what makes the diamond impeccably stunning is the colour grade. While picking up a perfect cushion-cut diamond from the antique collection, it is important to choose the one with the right colour scheme, sheer brilliance & jaw-dropping look. 

  • Shape

The antique cushion cut diamonds come in shapes varying from nearly round to nearly square. With several changes in the cuts, there are several shapes that define the exceptional look of this stunning beauty. 

  • Length to Width Ratio

An important aspect that defines the beauty of antique cushion cut diamonds is the length-to-width ratio. Differing the shape, the size of the diamond speaks volumes and can change the look with its size.  

As much as it is important to pick the right one appearing beautifully magnificent by look, it is also important to pick the right one from a reliable & trustworthy manufacturer, trader, or provider. Antique cut diamonds & gemstones from Tstar Limited with its ample options available to choose from, providing the finest quality natural diamonds that fit the jewellery with grace. Offered at the best prices, all the gemstones & diamonds are selected by GIA graduate gemologists. Pick the right cushion cut diamond from the stunning glamour & seal the deal with the right design that you own & treasure for a lifetime.