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The Elegance of a Yellow Diamond: When you are Clamoring for Yellow

 16 May 2022  1181
The Elegance of a Yellow Diamond

Diamonds with yellow hue colour are yellow diamonds. The diamond gets its colour from the traces of nitrogen in its crystal structure. The colourless diamonds are formed from pure carbon but when the carbon atoms in the crystal structure are replaced by the nitrogen in small amounts the diamond changes its colour. The nitrogen traced in the crystal selectively absorbs the blue light and transmits yellow light which becomes the reason for Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond

Just like other coloured diamonds the yellow diamonds are graded as Fancy from the D to Z range. Which signifies that a yellow diamond might have more colours. As per the grading system of GIA a Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond can be as follows: Fancy, Fancy Light, Fancy Dark, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep, Fancy Vivid.

According to the grading system, the intensity of the colour of the diamonds marks the value of the yellow diamonds. The amount of nitrogen in the crystal structure causes the diamond to turn yellow and is accountable for its intensity. Yellow diamonds are the most valuable owing to their rich colour and purity which also makes them the most preferred diamonds by the diamond connoisseurs. The yellow-coloured diamonds with stronger intensity are what make a canary diamond which has a high market value.  

Yearning for Yellow: The Beauty of a Yellow Diamond

The first yellow diamond was found in 1867 in South Africa this record is as per the cape town diamond museum. The oval-shaped diamond of 21.25 carats is known as the Eureka Diamond. 

Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond

Epitomises passion, joy, prosperity and wisdom. The yellow diamond in its most obvious form looks fun and cheerful and full of optimism. This indeed makes the yellow diamond ideal for the couple who seek to take their love and commitment to another level to bestow them with happiness with its presence in their life.  

In the history of diamonds yellow is the most famous coloured diamond of all time. Listed below are some of the popular yellow diamonds:  

The Kimberley Octahedral

Found in the Kimberley region of South Africa this natural diamond is 616-carat. It is currently displayed at the big hole in Kimberley. 

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

It is one of the world’s largest diamonds in yellow colour. The weight of this precious diamond is 287.4 carat. Currently in the exhibit at the New York City Tiffany store. 

The Sun of Africa

As the name suggests the Sun of Africa is as pure and bright as the sun. It was originally a 127-carat yellow diamond before it was transformed into a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond. The experts believe it is one of the most unique diamonds of all time. 

What to expect when you are buying the yellow diamonds

A rise in demand is witnessed for coloured diamonds due to which the young couples desire to have Yellow diamond engagement rings. Yellow diamonds are rare and precious and the colour adds immense beauty to them. So when you are looking for a Yellow Diamonds for Sale make sure that you are aware of the basic knowledge about the diamonds. 

Know about the colour grading system

 The colourless diamonds and coloured diamonds have a vast difference. As the colour becomes more visible the range of the Yellow Diamonds for Sale decreases in value as per the D to Z range. While the value of coloured diamonds increases with the vividness and visibility of the colour.   

Shape and cut

 Fancy diamonds come in fancy shapes such as oval, rectangular, and square. Whereas the beauty of the diamond is impacted by the cut of the diamond. A round brilliant cut is not an ideal choice of yellow diamonds as the yellow colour appears more intensely in other cuts compared to the round.